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Globalization, Governance, & Security in Southeast Asia: Perspectives from Malaysia & Indonesia

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lessons from my trip

Congratulations and many thanks to Prof. Jandl, Prof. Heng and SIS for putting together such an amazing program. Both academic and cultural components went beyond my expectations. I truly believe that this opportunity was more than fulfilling for each of us in the program.

Coming from South America and from being raised professionally and personally within a completely different cultural context, it was really exiting to come back to South East Asia and have an experience from a completely new perspective. The visits to both Malaysia and Vietnam leave important lessons as classes and lectures with local civil servants and political leaders taught us about the “ASEAN way” and the willingness of the region to continue to address development with a critical approach and their integration to the international community through peaceful and mutually beneficial means.

It was also pleasant to see that all of our host speakers were pleased and interested to share with us their experience and different perspectives about the region’s current circumstances and their opinions about how both Vietnam and Malaysia should move into the future in order to achieve their economic goals.

I highly recommend this program for those who are interested in taking a closer look to South East Asia’s approach to governance, economic growth and global integration. It is definitely worth doing it, as it offers a complete overview to the other side of the coin of how policy comes together to address these issues.

From Paola

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