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Globalization, Governance, & Security in Southeast Asia: Perspectives from Malaysia & Indonesia

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One ASEAN, we are different, we are alike

This is the last week of the program. We have been busy with all the class, interesting lecture, field trip. I can say that this is a "right" decision for me, to spend my summer time visiting Vietnam and Malaysia.
I originally from Thailand, these two countries are the long standing neighbor with us, but I personally didnt know much about "them." This is the first time that I travel around ASEAN country. I still remember the first day that Nadia and I arrive in Hanoi vividly. We fly in from Bangkok, when we arrive, people here look similar to Thai people. But the challenge start when we get out of the airport and try to get to the hotel by ourself. I spend 8 years living abroad, but this is the first time, that I go somewhere that I cant speak the language. Finally we arrive at the hotel safe and sound. We spend our first week in Hanoi and heading down south to Ho Chi Minh City for our second week. Vietnam is totally different from what I expect, the city is under fast pace developing. The food is great, people is very nice. Moreover, I learn another skill from my time in Vietnam is "how to walk across the street while million of motorbike" around you. When we were in Vietnam, we did not see any accident on the road, I was impressed by Vietnamese Motor Bike riding skill. During our time in Vietnam, we got our lecture from different organization, both from US and Vietnam, as well as NGO. I have learn a lot about the neighbor country. The program really give me an opportunity to explore ASEAN and make me understand more about them, what is their past and what will be their future. For 2015 ASEAN economic integration, I feel that it is important for mutual understanding among member state, and the best way to cooperate between the member state is through people. The knowledge and experience I have gained from the program priceless and I cant get it from anywhere else. 

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